Friday, September 19, 2014

The Artistic Touch 6 - On Sale from Anna Jacke

More than a year ago, two of my watercolor paintings were accepted by Christine Unwin, NWS to be featured in her next book in a series called The Artistic Touch.   Finally, the book is published and it is beautiful!     I have 15 copies of THE ARTISTIC TOUCH 6 at my Mountain View studio location. 

The book is currently being sold by Creative Art Press for $35.00 plus shipping and handling.   (See Ad in Watercolor Artist's Magazine)  I am offering these books to my family, friends and fellow watercolor artists at more than 30% off list price.   I will also have the books on hand at the upcoming SCVWS Paintsites gathering on October 2nd at Moffett Field in Mountain View. Free shipping, too.

Anyone wishing to purchase one can do so at our lunch gathering or contact me via email   I accept cash, check or PayPal. 

Here are more photos of this beautiful book featuring some very notable watercolor artists such as Nita Engle, Jean Warren, Fealing Lin and Julie Gilbert Pollard to name a few.    I am delighted to among the artists featured in this year's book.  

You'll Love This Watercolor Painting Book If:
  • You love getting inspiration from fellow watercolor artists
  • You want the feeling of peeking inside an artists' studio
  • You love watercolor & want to improve your skills
See great completed watercolor art pieces from more than 100 artists in The Artistic Touch 6. Hear from them as they discuss how & why they paint like they do and why they love working in watercolor. Learn from fellow watercolor artists as they share their favorite pieces, and find inspiration in this curated edition of The Artistic Touch. Get great watercolor painting techniques & creative tips in The Artistic Touch 6. Perfect for beginning watercolorists & advanced artists looking for new inspiration.