Saturday, October 25, 2014

Art Through the Lens - Coastside Land Trust 2014 California Raptor Show

For the past 27 years, photography has been a major part of my life.   As early as 1987,  I began writing articles for newspapers and magazines as a freelance photojournalist in my home state of Connecticut. 

Over the decades my passion for photography has only increased with the dawn of digital cameras and the ease of reviewing, uploading and printing photographs.   Even though film is still superior to digital imaging, digital media is certainly more convenient and less expensive for professional photographers.  With that being said, my home computer now has an external drive filled with more than 100,000 digital photographs organized by year, location and subject matter. 


This past September, I made the decision to enter one of my nature photographs into a popular annual show at the Coastside Land Trust Art Galley in Half Moon Bay.  

Since moving to California in 2009, my husband and I spent many adventure-filled days with the Fly-By-Dawn birding group from the Bay Area.  One such trip in February 2010 took us along Coastal California and Morro Bay.   Back then, it was still raining heavily during the winter season.  One morning we drove down a back road and spotted a turkey vulture sunning on a wire fence.  I had my 70-210 zoom lens on my camera and snapped away as this cold raptor spread its wings.  

Sunning Turkey Vulture will be featured in the Coastside Land Trust 2014 California Raptor Show.  For me, photography is art through the lens.    -- Anna Jacke

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