Friday, December 19, 2014

50 Days to Create!

Not long after our first big rainstorm here in the Bay Area, I realized that plein air painting was going to be a challenge.   I decided to pack away my outdoor equipment for a few months and focus my time and attention on brushing up my skills and playing with new Daniel Smith Primatek watercolors in my home studio.   

I also challenged myself to create as many paintings as I can in my studio for 50 days of Winter.  That being said, here are some of my first paintings.   I am trying to keep to a schedule of painting, even through the holidays, vacation time and right up until the day I have elbow surgery.  (Yikes!)    At least it's on my left arm and not the right.   I will post many of the new paintings on my website portfolio.

To all my plein air artist friends, I hope to see you in the Spring and resume painting some spectacular vistas here in the Bay Area and along the Pacific Coast.   -- Anna Jacke