Friday, January 30, 2015

50 Days - In Our Organic Garden

Not long into January, it seemed that our weather here in the Bay Area quickly turned warm.  The days have been filled with abundant sunshine (as usual) making me long for days outside with my brushes and paint.  I thought about the many vegetables we have grown and the fruit trees that fill our neighborhood.   Already, the Magnolia trees are in bloom.  Ripe oranges and lemons are falling into nearby yards.  My husband picked the last of the Trinidad Scorpion peppers in mid-December and the cherry tomatoes.  We still have broccoli, Swiss chard, celery, lettuce and beets to complete any meal.

Here are a few paintings I did in my home studio of the scorpion peppers and some persimmons given to us by a neighbor in the fall.  

Last week I ended my 50 Days of Painting in doors for Winter.   It's pretty clear that cold weather and rain is well past us here in the Bay Area.   Welcome to our early Spring!

--  Anna Jacke

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