Sunday, January 4, 2015

50 Days - In The Cacades

Between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day,  I spent all of my time exploring Southern Oregon, Northern California and the Cascade Range with my husband Peter, including picturesque Crater Lake and Lava Beds National Monument.  The timing of our vacation was perfect.  We had amazing weather, light snow and clear skies for most of our explorations.  The day we chose to visit Crater Lake, clouds had moved off leaving the lake with sparkling vistas of snow and water.   

Part of my "50 Days" was spent painting landscapes in Oregon.  The first was from the deck of our Running Y Resort in Klamath Falls before the snow came.  We had a view of Upper Klamath Lake and the nearby golf course.   That was the only day I could paint plein air before the temps dropped below freezing and stayed there.

The day after Christmas we visited Crater Lake. . . All  I can say is WOW!   I have yet to paint this breathtaking view from a reference photo.    We also enjoyed walking the trails near Crater Lake Lodge and along the rim of the lake.  Here are a few paintings completed from reference photos towards my goal.   My palette was limited and my paper size either a watercolor journal or 9 x 12 Arches Cold Press Block.  

Crater Lake Lodge- Close for Winter    9x 12

Heavy Snow in the Cascades   9 x 12

 A week into our vacation, our 2002 Outback Wagon needed repairs after the temps dropped to a -4 degree wind chill.  While the radiator and fuel lines were replaced at a nearby Subaru dealer, I spent a good part of the day working on a portrait of a grammar school friend who is a singer by evening.   I call this painting: A-Caroling We Will Go!   I will be sending it to him this week to hang in his study and to pass along to his grandson. 

A-Caroling We Will Go     9 x 12

Stay tuned for more of my 50 IN 50 paintings or check my website for additions 
to my portfolio.      -- Anna Jacke

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