Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thinking Spring!

During the past week, I thought about my family on the East Coast and the blizzard that buried nearly green grass and tender crocus under more than two feet of fresh powder snow.  I am fortunate to live in the Yahmhill River Valley of Oregon where the fields below my house are emerald green with black Angus grazing in the light mist that falls each afternoon. 

Daffodils  16 x 16

In the past two weeks our daffodils and other spring flowers have bloomed and the trees are budding. Robins are singing with other native birds who know the days are getting longer.  More natural light is streaming into my South-facing art studio. This has motivated me to paint new Spring florals using different brands of watercolor paint and paper. It is also the first time in years that I have used opaque cadmium yellows and reds to deepen the colors of my flowers. 
Simply Tulips  12 x 16
I also wanted to experiment with having the subject grow out of the borders.  Originally, I had framed Daffodils without a mat, but it didn't really give the painting the dimensional depth I had hoped for.  I used the same technique with Simply Tulips but with all transparent watercolor.

My latest piece, Daffodil Couple, was inspired by two daffodils plants that bloomed on my dining room table.  I chose to plant them in my painting.  Unfortunately, I had an "oops" with staining paint that nearly destroyed this piece.  The solution was to use some Daniel Smith watercolor ground and wait three days until it cured so that I could rescue it. 

Daffodil Couple 10 x 14

My next two paintings will have crocus, narcissus, hyacinths and some native birds.  

--Anna Jacke

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  1. Hi Anna, Glad to see you are back to painting, and that you are loving Oregon. We miss you at SCVWS paintsites.