Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Watercolor Artist from the Pacific Northwest in Southwest Art.

They say its generally takes one year to settle into a new life and routine when you relocate to another state, in this case from the sunny skies of California to the very cloudy skies of Northwest Oregon.

From November until nearly the end of March, it rained steadily over my new hometown of McMinnville, turning the dry fields below our ranch into emerald green vistas by the beginning of Spring. I spent most of my free time (there was a lot of it) in my studio, painting from reference photos.

In late March, the staff at Southwest Art Magazine contacted me about submitting artwork for their 45th Anniversary Issue coming out in May.  They were also going to have a special section for June, "Art of the Pacific Northwest." It seemed like the perfect opportunity to promote my latest artwork of the Oregon Coast, Yaquina Bay Light in the picturesque village of Newport.  The original painting is on Arches 140 lb cold press.  I took artistic license with this piece by removing a metal tower that was built adjacent to the lighthouse. This painting will remain in my personal collection, but prints are available at Fineartarmerica.com

Yaquina Bay Light   12 x 16 Transparent Watercolor

Even though this painting is not fresh off the easel,  Antelope Valley Poppy Fields was my choice for Southwest Art's 45th Anniversary (May 2016) Issue. Poppies are the most abundant native flower of California and the Southwest. This piece is available for sale at my artist website, Anna Jacke Fine Art.

Antelope Valley Poppy Fields   15 x 22 Transparent Watercolor